Maglite D and many other tubes thread sizes.

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Maglite D and many other tubes thread sizes.

Postby Jim » 10 Sep 2016 13:57

Maglight D cell body;
20 tpi, both ends.
Measuring the body at the head....
1.533 inches major (maximum reading on outside of threads)
1.511 inches minor (minimum reading at root of threads)
Measuring at the tailcap...
1.430 Tailcap major (outside of tailcap threads.
1.385 Body minor (inside threads)
In addition, the body on the tail end has a .185 deep smooth area at the very end for the
O-ring to seat against. The diameter there is 1.440. The threads themselves are only
about 1/2 inch, if that. The area beyond the threads is recessed, probably to is 1.440.
Tube ID is 3.40

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