About Griffin Tactical

Griffin Tactical Incorporated is located in Brush Prairie Washington. We are a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer type 7 (manufacturer) with our Special Occupation Tax (SOT) class 2 which means we can sell, manufacturer most firearms as well as NFA items such as silencers, short barrel rifles and machine guns.

Griffin Tactical is the owner of J&S Tactical, our sales company and web presence. J&S Tactical manufacturers and sells the complete line of JSForm tools (United
States Patent #9302318) as well as complete guns, silencers and accessories. We are constantly designing and improving our products. The owners of the company are Jim and Suzanne Griffin (J&S) and Jon and Stacey Griffin (J&S).

Our main goal in the company is to provide the best tools and products to our customers possible. We go the extra mile to insure all customers are completely satisfied. You can see examples of that on the internet forums. We have a very good reputation and are more than willing to help you with your project. We are here to help, not just sell you stuff.

Jim Griffin